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  1. Photo of 418 W. Spruce St, Titusville, PA 16354 (MLS # 152035)
    4 beds,  2 baths
    1,848 sqft   lot 4,791 sqft
    MLS 152035
  2. Photo of 1421 E. Main St., Clarion, PA 16214 (MLS # 152034)
    3 beds,  2 baths
    2,121 sqft   lot 21,780 sqft
    MLS 152034
  3. Photo of 321 N Perry Street, Titusville, PA 16354 (MLS # 152033)
    3 beds,  3 baths
    2,540 sqft   lot 6,969 sqft
    MLS 152033
  4. Photo of 520 West 3rd Street, Oil City, PA 16301 (MLS # 152032)
    8 beds,  3.75 baths
    2,744 sqft   lot 7,840 sqft
    MLS 152032
  5. 0 beds,  0 bath
    lot 2.50 ac
    MLS 152031
  6. 0 beds,  0 bath
    6,600 sqft   lot 2,178 sqft
    MLS 152030
  7. Photo of 405 Ridgewood Road, Shippenville, PA 16254 (MLS # 152029)
    3 beds,  3.5 baths
    1,816 sqft   lot 10,890 sqft
    MLS 152029
  8. Photo of 509 Cooper Av, Oil City, PA 16323 (MLS # 152028)
    4 beds,  1 bath
    1,344 sqft   lot 3,920 sqft
    MLS 152028
  9. Photo of 337 West Oak Street, Titusville, PA 16354 (MLS # 152027)
    2 beds,  1 bath
    1,320 sqft   lot 10,454 sqft
    MLS 152027
  10. Photo of . Metz Road, Emlenton, PA 16373 (MLS # 152026)
    0 beds,  0 bath
    lot 16.02 ac
    MLS 152026
  11. 0 beds,  0 bath
    lot 14,810 sqft
    MLS 152025
  12. Photo of 123 Stone Ave,, Templeton, PA 16259 (MLS # 152024)
    3 beds,  2 baths
    1,458 sqft   lot 10,802 sqft
    MLS 152024
  13. Photo of 741 East Main Street, Titusville, PA 16354 (MLS # 152023)
    2 beds,  1.5 baths
    1,250 sqft   lot 8,712 sqft
    MLS 152023
  14. Photo of 783 Reed Rd., Clarion, PA 16214 (MLS # 152022)
    3 beds,  1.75 baths
    1,744 sqft   lot 2.09 ac
    MLS 152022
  15. Photo of 322 Cedar Ave, Oil City, PA 16301 (MLS # 152021)
    4 beds,  1 bath
    1,537 sqft   lot 3,049 sqft
    MLS 152021
  16. Photo of 880 Buttermilk Hill Road, Franklin, PA 16323 (MLS # 152020)
    4 beds,  2 baths
    1,616 sqft   lot 4.91 ac
    MLS 152020
  17. 3 beds,  2 baths
    1,998 sqft   lot 6,969 sqft
    MLS 152018
  18. Photo of 897 Tarklin Rd., Cranberry, PA 16319 (MLS # 152017)
    3 beds,  1 bath
    1,512 sqft   lot 115.00 ac
    MLS 152017
  19. Photo of 158 Elm Street Apt, Tionesta, PA 16353 (MLS # 152015)
    1 bed,  1 bath
    448 sqft  
    MLS 152015
  20. Photo of 149 Madison, Clarion, PA 16214 (MLS # 152014)
    2 beds,  2 baths
    1,140 sqft  
    MLS 152014
  21. Photo of 149 Madison, Clarion, PA 16214 (MLS # 152012)
    2 beds,  1 bath
    615 sqft  
    MLS 152012
  22. Photo of 00 Madison Shop Rd, Rimersburg, PA 16248 (MLS # 152013)
    0 beds,  0 bath
    lot 95.00 ac
    MLS 152013
  23. 3 beds,  1 bath
    960 sqft   lot 7,405 sqft
    MLS 152011
  24. Photo of 122 May Lane, Oil City, PA 16301 (MLS # 152010)
    2 beds,  1 bath
    1,440 sqft   lot 38,768 sqft
    MLS 152010
  25. Photo of 501 8th Street, Emlenton, PA 16373 (MLS # 152009)
    3 beds,  1.5 baths
    1,680 sqft   lot 27,007 sqft
    MLS 152009
  26. Photo of 310 East Main St, Titusville, PA 16354 (MLS # 152008)
    5 beds,  2 baths
    3,092 sqft   lot 12,632 sqft
    MLS 152008
  27. 0 beds,  0 bath
    lot 1.37 ac
    MLS 152007
  28. 0 beds,  0 bath
    lot 1.28 ac
    MLS 152006
  29. Photo of 4573 State Hwy 8, Titusville, PA 16354 (MLS # 152005)
    7,216 sqft   lot 7.16 ac
    MLS 152005
  30. Photo of 212 East Linden, Titusville, PA 16354 (MLS # 152004)
    2 beds,  1 bath
    970 sqft   lot 1,742 sqft
    MLS 152004
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