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Sorted by
  1. 9,072 sqft   lot 4,792 sqft
    MLS 153124
    1 Days on Market
  2. 3 Beds,  2 Baths
    884 sqft   lot 15,595 sqft
    MLS 153122
    1 Days on Market
  3. 6,232 sqft   lot 3,485 sqft
    MLS 153083
    1 Days on Market
  4. 3 Beds,  2 Baths
    1,799 sqft   lot 7,406 sqft
    MLS 153120
    1 Days on Market
  5. 2 Beds,  1 Bath
    1,120 sqft   lot 1.72 ac
    MLS 153119
    2 Days on Market
  6. 3 Beds,  1 Bath
    1,519 sqft   lot 3.96 ac
    MLS 153118
    2 Days on Market
  7. 5,830 sqft   lot 13.45 ac
    MLS 153117
    2 Days on Market
  8. 3 Beds,  1 Bath
    1,364 sqft   lot 1.49 ac
    MLS 153116
    2 Days on Market
  9. 3 Beds,  1 Bath
    1,148 sqft   lot 126.99 ac
    MLS 153115
    2 Days on Market
  10. 2,500 sqft   lot 7,841 sqft
    MLS 153114
    2 Days on Market
  11. 3 Beds,  1 Bath
    1,246 sqft   lot 9,584 sqft
    MLS 153113
    3 Days on Market
  12. 3 Beds,  4 Baths
    3,499 sqft   lot 1.17 ac
    MLS 153112
    3 Days on Market
  13. 2 Beds,  1 Bath
    936 sqft   lot 8,277 sqft
    MLS 153111
    3 Days on Market
  14. 2 Beds,  1 Bath
    1,166 sqft   lot 12.84 ac
    MLS 153110
    3 Days on Market
  15. 2 Beds,  1 Bath
    784 sqft   lot 10,890 sqft
    MLS 153108
    4 Days on Market
  16. 3 Beds,  2 Baths
    1,820 sqft   lot 15,246 sqft
    MLS 153107
    4 Days on Market
  17. 2 Beds,  2.5 Baths
    3,196 sqft   lot 12.62 ac
    MLS 153106
    4 Days on Market
  18. 2 Beds,  1 Bath
    784 sqft   lot 21,780 sqft
    MLS 153105
    4 Days on Market
  19. 3 Beds,  2 Baths
    1,300 sqft   lot 12.50 ac
    MLS 153104
    4 Days on Market
  20. 9,824 sqft   lot 14.74 ac
    MLS 153103
    5 Days on Market
  21. 3 Beds,  2 Baths
    1,056 sqft   lot 10.00 ac
    MLS 153102
    5 Days on Market
  22. 5 Beds,  3 Baths
    2,120 sqft   lot 37,462 sqft
    MLS 153098
    8 Days on Market
  23. 3 Beds,  1 Bath
    1,344 sqft   lot 3,485 sqft
    MLS 153097
    8 Days on Market
  24. 3 Beds,  1.5 Baths
    2,108 sqft   lot 10,455 sqft
    MLS 153096
    8 Days on Market
  25. 3 Beds,  2 Baths
    1,280 sqft   lot 5,228 sqft
    MLS 153092
    9 Days on Market
  26. 2 Beds,  2 Baths
    1,372 sqft   lot 8,712 sqft
    MLS 153090
    9 Days on Market
  27. 0 Beds,  0 Bath
    lot 23,087 sqft
    MLS 153093
    9 Days on Market
  28. 10,405 sqft   lot 2.78 ac
    MLS 153094
    9 Days on Market
  29. 6,160 sqft   lot 1.37 ac
    MLS 153089
    9 Days on Market
  30. 4,245 sqft   lot 1.41 ac
    MLS 153091
    9 Days on Market
Properties 1 - 30 of 500+ | « First | < Previous | Next > | Last »

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