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Properties 391 - 420 of 500+ | « First | < Previous | Next > | Last »
Sorted by
  1. 3 Beds,  3.5 Baths
    1,456 sqft   lot 4.09 ac
    MLS 152493
    163 Days on Market
  2. 0 Beds,  0 Bath
    lot 57.64 ac
    MLS 152492
    163 Days on Market
  3. 3 Beds,  2 Baths
    1,662 sqft   lot 26,572 sqft
    MLS 152483
    166 Days on Market
  4. 3 Beds,  1 Bath
    1,096 sqft   lot 17,424 sqft
    MLS 152475
    167 Days on Market
  5. 4 Beds,  5 Baths
    2,706 sqft   lot 35,284 sqft
    MLS 152457
    169 Days on Market
  6. 4 Beds,  3 Baths
    1,472 sqft   lot 24,830 sqft
    MLS 152452
    170 Days on Market
  7. 0 Beds,  0 Bath
    lot 35,720 sqft
    MLS 152449
    172 Days on Market
  8. 6 Beds,  5 Baths
    3,677 sqft   lot 16,989 sqft
    MLS 152447
    173 Days on Market
  9. 0 Beds,  0 Bath
    lot 12,720 sqft
    MLS 152445
    173 Days on Market
  10. 1,300 sqft   lot 1.34 ac
    MLS 152443
    174 Days on Market
  11. 4 Beds,  2.5 Baths
    1,640 sqft   lot 8,277 sqft
    MLS 152442
    174 Days on Market
  12. 12,200 sqft   lot 27,008 sqft
    MLS 152438
    175 Days on Market
  13. 3 Beds,  1 Bath
    1,656 sqft   lot 41,382 sqft
    MLS 152428
    176 Days on Market
  14. 5 Beds,  2 Baths
    2,056 sqft   lot 163.00 ac
    MLS 152424
    177 Days on Market
  15. 0 Beds,  1 Bath
    1,064 sqft  
    MLS 152416
    181 Days on Market
  16. 0 Beds,  0 Bath
    lot 2.97 ac
    MLS 152414
    181 Days on Market
  17. 2,698 sqft   lot 5,663 sqft
    MLS 152415
    181 Days on Market
  18. 0 Beds,  0 Bath
    lot 15.00 ac
    MLS 152413
    181 Days on Market
  19. 3 Beds,  2 Baths
    2,568 sqft   lot 1.38 ac
    MLS 152411
    182 Days on Market
  20. 0 Beds,  0 Bath
    lot 8.94 ac
    MLS 152408
    183 Days on Market
  21. 3 Beds,  1 Bath
    1,408 sqft   lot 5,228 sqft
    MLS 152406
    183 Days on Market
  22. 3 Beds,  1 Bath
    848 sqft   lot 1.39 ac
    MLS 152400
    185 Days on Market
  23. 0 Beds,  0 Bath
    lot 11,326 sqft
    MLS 152398
    186 Days on Market
  24. 0 Beds,  0 Bath
    1,920 sqft   lot 2,135 sqft
    MLS 152397
    186 Days on Market
  25. Price Drop
    0 Beds,  0 Bath
    lot 9.88 ac
    MLS 152391
    187 Days on Market
  26. Price Drop
    0 Beds,  0 Bath
    lot 3.58 ac
    MLS 152390
    187 Days on Market
  27. 4 Beds,  1.75 Baths
    3,072 sqft   lot 24,830 sqft
    MLS 152388
    187 Days on Market
  28. 0 Beds,  0 Bath
    lot 2.93 ac
    MLS 152385
    188 Days on Market
  29. 0 Beds,  0 Bath
    lot 3.58 ac
    MLS 152384
    188 Days on Market
  30. 0 Beds,  0 Bath
    lot 3.05 ac
    MLS 152383
    188 Days on Market
Properties 391 - 420 of 500+ | « First | < Previous | Next > | Last »

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