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Sorted by
  1. 674 sqft   lot 1.45 ac
    MLS 152619
    20 Days on Market
  2. 3 beds,  1.5 baths
    1,248 sqft   lot 43,560 sqft
    MLS 152598
    24 Days on Market
  3. 3 beds,  1.5 baths
    1,768 sqft   lot 10,890 sqft
    MLS 152579
    28 Days on Market
  4. 1,642 sqft   lot 10,455 sqft
    MLS 152576
    30 Days on Market
  5. 0 beds,  2 baths
    3,118 sqft  
    MLS 152375
    74 Days on Market
  6. 3 beds,  2 baths
    1,848 sqft   lot 39,204 sqft
    MLS 152364
    77 Days on Market
  7. 2,913 sqft   lot 1.62 ac
    MLS 152062
    180 Days on Market
  8. 0 beds,  0 bath
    lot 95.00 ac
    MLS 152013
    199 Days on Market
  9. 0 beds,  0 bath
    lot 100.00 ac
    MLS 151628
    283 Days on Market
  10. 0 beds,  0 bath
    lot 43.23 ac
    MLS 151489
    310 Days on Market
  11. 3 beds,  1 bath
    936 sqft   lot 9,583 sqft
    MLS 151251
    354 Days on Market
  12. 3 beds,  1.5 baths
    1,344 sqft   lot 2.56 ac
    MLS 150213
    627 Days on Market
  13. 0 beds,  0 bath
    lot 6.12 ac
    MLS 137657
    738 Days on Market
  14. 0 beds,  0 bath
    2,160 sqft   lot 8,712 sqft
    MLS 149577
    738 Days on Market
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