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Snappy Bob countersign afresh.
Price $19,900
Status Active
Beds 0
Baths 0 Bath
Home size n/a
Lot Size 4.39 ac
Days on Market 823
Wooded lot along Stream. Lots of Road Frontage on 2 roads. Enjoy the great hunting and wildlife not far from Callansburg. have your own piece of nature.
Property Type(s): Lot/Land/Acreage
Last Updated 5/14/2019 Year Built 0
Community Clarion County Clarion

Where can i buy generic viagra online safely, Reliable online viagra sites

School District Keystone

Price History

Prior to Mar 23, '18 $29,900
Mar 23, '18 - Oct 22, '18 $24,900
Oct 22, '18 - Today $19,900

Additional Details

AREA Clarion
EXTERIOR Electric Available
LOT 4.3900 acre(s)
TAXES 107.00



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