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Price $1,150,000
Status Active
Size 3,600 sqft
Lot Size 26.22 ac
Days on Market 620
Established Turn-Key Campground in Cook Forest featuring a 4 bedroom, 2 bath owners residence,heated attached bath house,125 Permanent Sites, Full hook ups,15 Transient sites,16 tent sites, cabin, pavillion, playground, volley ball site, walk-in campground store and office on site laundry,stocked pond,dual sand mound system, DEP inspected upgraded water system, on site propane and firewood sales,along with on-site honey dipper service. There are 5 acres of land that has not been developed, perfect expansion for cabins or Tee Pee rentals. Cathers Run trout stream is a 1/2 mile. canoeing Clarion River 3 miles, Hiking Trails 5 minutes, area restaurants 5 to 10 minutes, along with the local meat market , shopping and gas 10 minutes.NOTE: electrical average is the total of 9 separate electric meters, Natural gas average is for the owners residence, bath house, store and office.
Property Type(s): Commercial
Last Updated 12/5/2017 Year Built 1996
Community Clarion County Clarion

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School District Brookville

Additional Details

AIR Room
AREA Clarion
EXTERIOR Electric-Circuit Break-200 Amp, Natural Gas
HEAT Forced Air
LOT 26.2190 acre(s)
SEWER Sand Mound
TAXES 3706.00
WATER Well,Community



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