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Price $1,150,000
Status Active
Beds 0
Baths 0 Bath
Home size 3,600 sqft
Lot Size 26.21 ac
Days on Market 708
Cook Forest Camp Ground Opportunity! The property features 140 RV sites.125 are year round sites plus 15 transient RV sites .There are also 17 tent sites and a separate cabin rental that sleeps up to six. For the owner or host you will love the modern well maintained 4 bedroom 2 bath country home with all appliances covered porch and more. Guest enjoy the 30'x80' pavilion for dances, parties and special events. Children and adults alike enjoy the fully-equipped playground complete with volley ball court. The property also features a general merchandise store, a heated bath house, open year round and onsite laundry. The 26 acre site includes more than 5 undeveloped acres perfect for expansion, modern DEP approved water & septic systems. this income producer is just minutes from Clarion river, Cathers Run and the best fishing, hiking, hunting and kayaking Cook Forest has to offer.
Property Type(s): Multi Family
Last Updated 1/4/2018 Year Built 1996
Community Jefferson County Jefferson

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School District Brookville

Additional Details

AIR Room
AREA Jefferson
EXTERIOR Electric-Circuit Break-200 Amp, Porch, Satellite Dish, Storage Shed
HEAT Forced Air
LOT 26.2100 acre(s)
SEWER Sand Mound
TAXES 3706.00


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