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Price $300,000
Status Active
Beds 0
Baths 0 bath
Home size n/a
Lot Size 23.35 ac
Days on Market 350
Wooded waterfront property with a water view. Over 1/3 mile frontage with Cook Forest State Park. Rebecca Run, a small stream runs through the property. State Park, Clarion River, Timber. Land is rolling with some bench spots. Outstanding river and river valley view. Owners believe they own all OGM's and Timber . There is an existing gas lease, was with National Fuel. Minimal Royalties/ year. Property accessed by ROW plus extensive road frontage. Forrester looked at timber and estimates $70 to $100K. Free gas for a dwelling, 200K ccf.
Property Type(s): Lot/Land/Acreage
Last Updated 12/17/2018 Year Built 0
Community Forest County Forest

Can you buy viagra online canada, Generic viagra canada pharmacy

School District East Forest

Additional Details

AREA Forest
EXTERIOR Electric Available, Natural Gas, Waterfront, Waterview
LOT 23.3500 acre(s)
SEWER Outhouse
TAXES 166.00
WATER Spring



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