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Price $14,900
Status Active
Beds 0
Baths 0 Bath
Home size n/a
Lot Size 2.39 ac
Days on Market 486
Nature is not a place it is home. Build Your Home Or Camp Right Her an 2.39 Acres! The Allegheny National Forest Borders the Eastern side of the property. There is an outstanding view of the Allegheny River and Baker Island from the property. Close proximity to the Allegheny River For fishing, canoeing/kayaking and swimming. Yes, the property is on a hillside and with the views it can be the ideal secluded escape seasonal home nestled away from everything but still close enough. Wildlife abounds in the wooded area and the hillside adjacent to the ANF. With a little work, it can also become the hunting camp dreams are made of. Sound too good to be true? Call for more details.
Property Type(s): Lot/Land/Acreage
Last Updated 4/29/2019 Year Built 0
Community Forest County Forest

Buy brand name Premarin, Premarin by mail order

School District West Forest

Additional Details

AREA Forest
EXTERIOR Waterview
LOT 2.3880 acre(s)
TAXES 141.55
ZONING No Zoning



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