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Price $15,000
Status Active
Beds 0
Baths 0 Bath
Home size n/a
Lot Size 21,780 sqft
Days on Market 360
Beautiful place to build your dream home, restrictions apply so be sure you check on them before purchasing a lot. Lot 5 is listed and also available next to this one. Beautiful views and cul-de-sac drive for less traffic. Must see this one!
Property Type(s): Lot/Land/Acreage
Last Updated 8/24/2018 Year Built 0
Community Clarion County Clarion

Buy Premarin online pharmacy, Where can you buy Premarin

School District Redbank Valley

Additional Details

AREA Clarion
EXTERIOR Electric Available, Natural Gas, Sewer Laterals, Water Laterals
LOT 0.5000 acre(s)
SEWER Public Sewer
TAXES 420.00
WATER Public



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