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Price $125,000
Status Active
Beds 0
Baths 0 bath
Home size n/a
Lot Size 48.00 ac
Days on Market 146
Looking for the Perfect Spot to Build your Dream Home in the Country? Or Are you Looking for Farmland? This Parcel consists of 48 Acres and includes a Large Barn and Pasture/Crop Fields. Come take a look at this Nice Piece of Property!
Property Type(s): Lot/Land/Acreage
Last Updated 10/29/2018 Year Built 0
Community Clarion County Clarion

Buy viagra safely online uk - Order viagra with paypal

School District North Clarion

Additional Details

AREA Clarion
EXTERIOR Electric Available
LOT 48.0000 acre(s)
TAXES 1192.46
WATER Shared,Spring



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Listed with Coldwell Banker BURNS & BURNS

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