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Price $359,000
Status Active
Size 5,940 sq ft
Lot Size 5.03 ac
Days on Market 191
Hotel restaurant & bar operational. Includes 12 hotel rooms, full function restaurant with good history.
Property Type(s): Commercial
Last Updated 5/24/2019 Year Built 1974
Community Clarion County Clarion

Buy viagra over the counter manchester, Best non prescription viagra alternative

School District North Clarion

Price History

Prior to Apr 30, '19 $369,000
Apr 30, '19 - May 24, '19 $364,000
May 24, '19 - Today $359,000

Additional Details

AIR Central, Room
AREA Clarion
CONSTRUCTION Block, Wood Frame
EXTERIOR Electric-Fused-<100, Natural Gas
HEAT Space Heater, Wall Furnace
LOT 5.0300 acre(s)
SEWER Sand Mound
TAXES 5747.00



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